How We Got Started

Family owned company, living the American dream, in beautiful Apache Junction, AZ.  Native to AZ. and addicted to Bass fishing!  I have always loved fishing since I was a child, fishing every summer with my Grandpa Bill and Uncle Tom, in beautiful  Williams, AZ!  I loved it so much and have so many great memories that I have created even more with my family!  In the beginning, when I became a Father, I fished for leisure, you know, catfish,  trout and pike.  One night while Catfishing, my buddies decided to switch their bate to top water and pulled out a 13lb. and a 10lb. Bass!  That was the moment I became interested in Bass species and how it all works.  Shortly after that, I joined a fishing club and did tournaments all over beautiful AZ.!  Shopping for Bass tackle can be expensive and there really isn't many Mom and Pop tackle shops anymore, so here we are trying to create an easy, affordable, local way to buy Bass tackle!  Thanks so much for taking time to read about our story!  To be Continued..